1891 - 1962
by Rose Marie Ingram Back

  Sarah was born in Benjamin, Utah, USA, on 4 May 1891, the first child of David and Eliza Richardson.  She was the oldest of nine children.  Sarah was a very quiet and soft spoken person,  always aware of other people's feeling.  She came to Canada with her parents and five younger siblings in 1903, settling in the Raymond area.  Sarah had to wait until she was nine years old to be baptized September 14, 1900, in Benjamin Utah by S. M. Richardson.   Luella didn't want to be baptized alone and this was the reason for the delay.

  One of the places they lived in the States must have been near the mountains, as grandma would send the kids to gather fire wood.  Armed with gunny sacks they would go up the mountain, fill their sacks full of wood and roll them down the mountain.

  Also when they lived in the USA , they would get together with their friends and some of the boys would grease the train tracks and then they would hide in nearby bushes.  From here they would watch as the firemen and the engineer would sand the track!

  The year that grandma Richardson seeded her first garden in Canada, it snowed shortly after.  Grandma was ready to pack up and move back to Benjamin, but .... low and behold .... when the snow melted .... her garden was up!

  When she was going to school in Raymond, there was one day that her and her friend, Elva Pickett, took their fishing rods to school.  After school they went fishing on the edge of Factory Lake.  When they decided to call it quits they counted their catch, and when they found she had one more fish than Elva, and there were more Picketts than Richardson, she gave one fish to Elva.  She took her catch home and grandma cleaned and cooked them for supper.  This was a good example of how kind Sarah was, always thinking of others, but there's no harm in having a little fun while you're at it!

  Sarah was always a very hard worker, having learned this trait from her parents.  She passed away in Medicine Hat, Alberta on 13 March 1962.

Sarah married Helmer Flexhaug on 15 November 1915, (Div.) no children.

Sarah married James Willard Ingram on 29 March 1930. They had two children:

Mary - born 4 April 1932 - died 4 April 1932

Rose Marie - born 1 December 1933.  Rose Marie married  #1 - Wallace Clarence Pickett on the 19 April 1952 (Div.) and they had six children.  She then married #2 - George Robert Back on 6 November 1971, they have no children.  Rose and George presently reside in Coleman, Alberta, Canada.