1895 - 1985

  David Samuel Richardson was born in Benjamin, Utah, USA, on February 16, 1895.  Benjamin was a small farming town about ten miles south of Provo, not far from Salt Lake.  His parents,  David Sr. and Eliza Jane Betts were both born in Payson, Utah, USA.  His father worked in the mines in the Tintic district  about 20 miles from Benjamin.  Life wasn't always easy for this family with six young children to care for.  Lorena remembers the times when small pox and scarlet fever went through the whole family.

  It was not all bad in Benjamin though, and Dave enjoyed playing a little joke on folks as a young boy.  His father had put taps into the hot spring and cold spring, and when people would stop and ask if they could have a cold drink of water, Dave would point out the hot water tap to them.  No harm was done, it was all in fun.

  Grandpa Betts, his mother's father, had moved to the Raymond area in 1902 and coaxed David and Eliza to move their family to Canada.  They arrived in Raymond on 10 May 1903.

  On September 26, 1903, Dave was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The baptism took place in the biggest body of water they could find locally ... the Sugar Factory Pond!  They backed the democrat wagon [a flat deck wagon with no sides or railing] into the pond and this served as a platform for the baptisms.  Like all children of that age, Dave and his sister attended school in Raymond and like all the children of that era they had the distinction of attending the first school house built in Raymond.  It was a four roomed school house and though it has outlived its' pupils and teachers, it is still there, but is now known as the Raymond Buddhist Church.

  By this time it was apparent that Dave was destined to be the only boy in a family of nine children.  When Lorena was asked how he handled this she said, "Oh, we spoiled him good, so I guess it wasn't so bad."  Dave worked with his Dad at the Knight Sugar Company and it was here he learned the meaning of hard work.

  Ten years after coming to Raymond, in 1913, the family moved to the Manyberries district to homestead at Twin Forks.  It was here that young Dave learned the rudiments of farming and handling horse teams.  In his later years he was able to find employment on other farms and in handling horse teams and fresno scrapers in road building because of his earlier experience.  This knowledge was of particular benefit to him when he gained employment on the White farm in Orion.  It was here that he met Ethel May White who he called ' the prettiest little doll I ever did see!'  The feeling must have been mutual for she agreed to become his wife and they were married the 15th of August, 1918 in Lethbridge, Alberta, at the home of Bishop Green.  Following their marriage they moved to the H. S. Allen farm just outside of Raymond, and Dave continued his work as a farmer.  During their stay there they were blessed with two children, Ernest David and Clarence William (better known as Bus)

  Later Dave took employment at the Will Redd farm and there they were blessed with three more children, Calvin DeVere, Ralph Rulon, and Ethel May.  It was during this time that Robert Crawford (Luella's oldest son) came to live with them and he was taken into the family with open arms.  And it was also at this time that an accident occurred that was to effect Dave for the rest of his life.  He was trying to make an old well, at the Allred Farm, functional again.  The well was deep and he struck a match and dropped it down the well to see what the problem was, he didn't know that the well had filled with gas fumes and he took the full impact of the explosion in his eyes.  He was temporarily blinded but was thankful that his eye sight returned once more.  But the damage was done, scar tissue formed over his eyes and effected his vision, causing him much annoyance and inconvenience.  But his life was spared because there were other things he had yet to accomplish.  Their home was blessed with four more children, Melvin LeRoy, Richard Pernel, Allen Gary, and Carl Wayne.

  Dave eventually found work at the Sugar Factory where he worked for thirty three years at various jobs.  When he retired his fellow workers and the management gave him a special tribute.  Frank R. Taylor, the General Manager,  praised him for his dependability, and Joe McLean, the Superintendent, said after looking through the records he found that Dave had only missed one day of work due to illness.  As a symbol of honor, the Factory gave him an electric frying pan, which represented his rugged independence.  He remained independent and self-sufficient all the 90 years of his life.

  Dave came from a family of eight girls and one boy, and he in turn had eight boys and one girl, to which the Richardson name will forever grateful.  Dave and Ethel raised a fine family and saw to it that their children learned the meaning of work.  Ethel joined the church soon after they were married and she saw to the spiritual needs of the children, taking them to church with her.

  His beloved wife, Ethel May, passed away 28 June 1948, leaving him with the youngest of his children to raise.  He remained independent and raised his children to the best of his ability.  Dave missed her terribly and one only wishes they could peek, just for an instant, into the spirit world and see the grand reunion that took place when he was once again reunited with 'the prettiest little doll I ever did see'.  I'm sure Ethel was waiting impatiently for him and not at all surprised by his rugged character and hearty personality that kept him here for 90 years,  What a grand reunion that must have been.

  Hardworking, independent, generous, kind, strict yet flexible, energetic and hearty, honest and sincere ... the name of David Samuel Richardson will be forever honored by his posterity.  He was a real homebody, whenever he went to visit his children he would keep his bag packed and setting by the door, anxious to get back home.  He has returned home now only the house isn't empty, Ethel, his children and all his loved ones who have gone before are there with him ......
--Ernie Richardson

Their Children:

Ernest David - born 4 September 1919 - died 16 May 1948.  Married Edna May Thompson (div.) Ernie had two children.

Clarence William (Bus) - born 26 Dec 1920.  Married Margaret Mundy and they have three children.  Bus and Marge reside in Picture Butte, Alberta.

Calvin DeVere - born 13 August 1922 - died 1 November 1994.  Married Peggy Margaret Mundy and they have five children.  Peggy resides in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Ralph Rulon - born 6 May 1924.  He married  Ethel Marcia James and they had eight children, three died in infancy.  Marcia passed away 22 February 1990, and Ralph resides in Raymond, Alberta.

Ethel May - born 7 September 1927.  She married George Rasmus Clifton and they have six children.  May and GR reside in Hays, Alberta.

Melvin LeRoy - born 17 August 1929 - died 21 July 1994.  He Mary Anne Doell and they had three children.  Mary resides in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Richard Parnel - born 19 March 1930 - died 1930.

Allen Gary - born 9 January 1932.  He married Jeanette Jessie Klassen and they have seven children.  Their third child, Ernest William (the genealogist in their family) passed away 5 March 2001.  Al and Jean reside in Raymond, Alberta.

Carl Wayne - born 6 March 1939.  Carl married Marie Louise Adamson and they have three children.  Carl and Maria reside in Stirling, Alberta.

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