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This shot pouch and powder horn were carried by George Richardson, a member of General Andrew Jackson's Kentucky Riflemen, at the Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815.  They came into possession of his son Solomon Richardson, who in 1847 carried them across the plains, together with the Kentucky rifle used by his father.  They were also carried by Solomon Richardson to the gold fields of California in 1849.  The shot pouch and powder horn were made by Daniel Boone and given by him to Shadrach Richardson Sr. who accompanied him from Virginia to Kentucky about 1783.  The family relic was in possession of Milt Richardson until his death and since that time has been kept by his son Ward K. Richardson.  The old Kentucky rifle has been lost.
The Richardson Family
Pioneers of Oregon and Utah

  An account of the lives of the descendants of Shadrach and Betsy Richardson of Kentucky compiled from the family traditions and records covering the migration of its members from Kentucky to Illinois, Iowa, Oregon, and Utah.

  You are looking at an internet version of a booklet that was      published by Earle Richardson in 1940.   Earle wrote that he did this 
"to preserve for members of the family a record that will outlast the
fast-dimming tradition handed down by word of mouth . . . .    May I express the wish that this booklet may come in time to the attention of some descendants of the other eight children of Shadrach Richardson so that . . . they may again be united in a common knowledge of each other."

  He probably never dreamed there would one day be such a thing as an Internet, or that his words would use it to come to you. 

  This site will be expanded as new information is discovered.  If you have something to share, please contact me.  Click on the buttons in the upper right corner of this screen to learn more about the Oregon and California trails.  Click on the blue underlined text below to begin reading about this interesting branch of the Richardson family:

The Richardson Family:
Solomon and Elizabeth Richardson
The George Richardson Family
The Richardson Family in Utah
Polly Richardson Stewart
Shadrach Montgomery Richardson
William Wilshire Richardson
Thomas Richardson
Lavina Richardson
David Richardson
Richard Richardson
The John Richardson Family
Personal Recollections
A Tribute to Mary E. Colby

Temporary Exhibit:
(really big Richardson pictures)
   Richardson 1
  Richardson 2
  Richardson 3
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