by Rose Marie Flexhaug Kittleson.

    Ella Dean Richardson was born in Benjamin, Utah, USA, on January 18, 1901, the fifth daughter to be born to David and Eliza Jane Betts Richardson.  In 1903 the family moved to Canada, settling in Raymond, Alberta.  Ella was baptized into the Mormon Church on March 16, 1909, in Raymond.  In 1913 the family then moved to a farm in the Manyberries district, and it was here the family became friends with the Flexhaug family.  Around 1918 the family returned to Raymond, but her heart remained in Manyberries.  On 13 June, 1921, in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA., she was married to Christ Flexhaug.  She was to be the fourth Richardson girl to marry a Flexhaug boy!  Quite a record isn't it?

    Ella and Christ moved to the Instow - Simmie area in Saskatchewan, Canada, and on November 3, 1922, they became the parents of their first child, Clarence Stuart.  He was born in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.  There were four more children born to them while on the farm in Saskatchewan;  Mable Adeline, born 20 May 1925,  Rose Marie, born 18 June 1927,  Alvin Lewis born 2 June 1930, and Hazel Alice, born 8 October, 1932.

    The dust storms in Saskatchewan were so bad that they had to light lamps during the day, so in 1934 they moved back to Alberta and settled in the Orion district.  It was there that their sixth and last child was born; Evelyn Pauline, born December 10, 1934.

    During the next few years of their lives' they lived and farmed in various places, including, Picture Butte, Coaldale, and Magrath, Alberta.  It was while they were in Magrath that Christ passed away, on 27 March 1961.  Ella moved to Lethbridge where she lived  until she passed away, on 14 February, 1974.  

    Mom was a hard worker, loving mother, and a good friend.

Their children were:

Clarence Stuart, born 3 November 1922 - died 5 October 1988.  He married Gwendolin Dearling, in England on November 11, 1944, and they had six children.  Gwen passed away 13 April 1996.

Mable Adeline, born 20 May 1925 - died 31 October 1975.  She married George Emil Zuehlke on 15 December 1943 and they had four children.  George passed away 20 April, 1985.

Rose Marie, born 18 June 1927.  Rose married Allen James (Casey) Kittleson and they have four children.  Rose and Casey live in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Alvin Lewis, born 2 June 1930, married Lola Fern Still on 20 July 1951.  They have five children.  Their youngest daughter passed away 16th of February 1994 and they raised her four children.  Alvin and Lola presently reside in Raymond.

Hazel Alice, born 8 October 1932 - died 14 October 1987.  She married Raymond Mundy  on 17 July, 1951, and they had five children.

Evelyn Pauline, born 10 December 1934 - died 11 January 1986.  She married Melvin Speager on 15 April 1953 and they had seven children.

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