Joe Evans in front of Virginia and Bud Evans, Sharon and Mildred Ream in back.

Trip to California

  In 1949, together with Bud Evans (her brother) and his wife Virginia, Mildred Evans Ream and her family left Spanish Fork and went to California to visit her nephews, Milt and Vernon Richardson.  This is an excerpt from her diary, provided by Mildred's daughter Sharon Ream Meyer:

July 21 – Thursday

Com. Knudsen said Verl Dixon and his mother & little girl came down with Maurice, Bud and Mary. But I didn’t get to see any of them. Everyone has surely treated us nice. We stopped at Stockton but couldn’t find Monte. Reached Milt & Vern’s about 2 o’clock.

July 22 – Friday

They both have (4) children each. Really smart, sweet children. They also both have nice homes. I am so happy for them. (Bud and Va. went over to Modesto to see Va’s aunt) and Sharon, Joe, and I stayed at Vern’s. In the evening we went to the park and had a grand dinner – chicken and all. They were all so disappointed as Bud and Va. got back too late. We had a nice visit after.

July 23 – Saturday

We all went to the park again and had dinner again today. Those girls are wonderful.

(Behind every good man, there’s a good wife.) They all seem so happy. Milt and Vern just can’t be good enough. We went to see the state capital and where Gov. Warren lives – where Lew lived and the Sacramento River. It’s large.

July 24 – Sunday

We got up Sunday. Gee, Madge has such a job getting all those children ready for Sunday School. Bud and I went. Even Madge went. It was very good – but real warm – a man even fainted. I was so proud of Milt and Vern. They were both on the stand. Milt is in the bishopric and Vern is in the superintendency of Sunday School. We went to church at nite. Had ice cream and cake after.

July 25 – Monday

We got up about 4:30 a.m. and got away about 6 o’clock. It was cold to start out with. We really traveled. Lake Tahoe was beautiful. We found Reno very interesting. I gambled a little. Put in 5 nickels and won 5 back. They are a temptation. I am glad and proud of our state that we don’t have such things. We traveled steady and got home about 2 o’clock.

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