Shadrach Milton Richardson
Maggie Evans
A Brief History of Maggie Evans Richardson

by Eunice Richardson and Mildred Richardson Whipple

  Maggie Evans Richardson was born in Spanish Fork, Utah on December 10, 1885 the daughter of Joseph Merriman and Margaret Davis Evans.  She was the first child of 12 children.  She attended school in Spanish Fork and graduated from the 8th grade.  Being the oldest in the family, her early life was very hard.  As a young child she had to assume the responsibility of helping to care for the younger children.  As a teenager she came to Salt Lake City and worked as a housekeeper.  She studied sewing at Brigham Young University and was an excellent seamstress, cook and homemaker.

  Maggie was a very beautiful and popular young woman, as were the other sisters in this family.  She and her sister Mae sang duets at many church and social functions during their youth.

  She married Shadrach Milton Richardson, the son of Thomas and Eunice Hickman Richardson on February 23, 1912.  He was from a farming family in Benjamin, Utah.  They were very good honest people.  Maggie was proud to become a member of this family.

  They lived in Eureka, Utah for many years following their marriage where he was employed as a miner in the Tintic Standard Mines.

  He became ill and after several years of ill health passed away in 1927 at the age of 39.  He left six children between the ages of six months and fifteen years.

  Life during these years was hard for Maggie  There was no public assistance for poor people in those days.  Each year she would plant and care for a huge garden and store food for the winter ahead.  She worked in the orchards around the area and took fruit for her pay.  She canned hundreds of quarts of fruit each year.  Maggie was a wonderful cook and all the family remembers her cookies and goodies she shared with others.  Our grandparents (Evans and Richardson) helped the family during these years with meat and food from their farms.  Her sons, Milton and Vernon, were wonderful.  From the time of their father's death they worked on their grandfather's farm and at other odd jobs to help support the family.  Until the time of her death, they continued to help her financially.  She moved to Salt Lake city in 1943 to be with her girls.  She worked at the L.D.S. Hospital and maintained a home for her family.  These were the World War II years.  Her daughter Margaret and her two children came to live with the family when her husband went into the navy in World War II.  Maggie loved Salt Lake City.  She was very active in the Church and spent most of her time doing Temple and Genealogy work.

  When we were small children at bedtime she would sing, read and tell us stories each night until we dropped off to sleep.  Her grandchildren remember and still sing these songs.  Even though we had very little, she always shared with others.  As children every day we would share our milk and deliver a newspaper and treats to three elderly ladies in our neighborhood.  She loved poetry and art.  Her Aunt Ada told me once that as a child Mother could draw anything.  In our family we have many who have great artistic abilities--especially Margaret, Mildred and their families.

  Religion was very important to Mother and we all attended church regularly.  Each of her children have firm testimonies of the gospel and all have their temple endowments.  Milt and Vern served as bishop and in the bishoprics in their wards and in the High Council of their stake.  The girls have served as Relief Society president, Mildred as a full-time missionary, and in all organizations of the ward and stakes.  Many of her grandsons and great grandsons have served missions.  Carol said that she always had the spirit of the Lord in our home because of Mother, and I am sure we did.

  Education was very important to Mother.  She encouraged us always to get as much education as possible.  Her children also encouraged this in their families.  In her family of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we have very successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers, dentists, bachelor and master degrees in many fields. 

  She would never let us speak ill of anyone, when we would start she sing "Put On That Soft, Soft, Pedal--Don't Talk So Loud."  When she did this, we knew exactly what she meant.  She only saw good in everyone.

  She devoted her life to her children.  Our Mother will always be remembered as a kind, loving, gentle woman, greatly loved by her family and friends.

  Maggie Evans Richardson passed away at the age of seventy in Salt Lake City on February 28, 1956.

--Mildred Whipple, Carol Back, Eunice Richardson, The Children of
Joseph James Merriman Evans and Margaret Davis, pp. 14-15.

Her autobiography  (this was a genealogical form titled "Personal Record":

History and Important Events in the Life of Maggie Evans Richardson
written by herself at Salt Lake City, Utah in 1956

Name in full                 Maggie Evans Richardson
Father's name                Joseph James Merriman Evans
Mother's Maiden name         Margaret Davis
When Born (day, month, year)  Dec 10th 1885
Where born (town, county, state)  Spanish Fork Utah Co Utah
When baptized (day, month, year)  Oct 4th 1894
Where baptized                   at the millrace in Spanish Fork Utah
Baptized by                      Harry Tilley
When confirmed   Oct 4th 1894   By whom  Harry Tilley
Married to  Shedrich Milton Richardson
Where married  Benjamin, Utah   by Bishop John Johnson
Where endowed Salt Lake Temple     Date  10 May 1928
Where sealed   Salt Lake Temple     Date  Sept 5th 1929
To whom (husband or wife)  wife to husband
Patriarchal blessing by   William Jex    Date Oct 10th 1919
Where died   5th Nov 1927  [her husband Shedrich]
Where buried  8 - Nov 1927  Sp Fork - Utah

Schools I attended were the Snell, and the Central School at Spanish Fork, Utah, and a sewing school at Provo for one winter.

I used to sing on most all programs, while I attended school, and my cousin and I sang together.  My sister and I sang together for a couple of years.  I was a member of the First Ward choir for several years.  I taught Religion Class for three years.  I lived in Spanish Fork, Utah, Benjamin, Utah, and Eureka, Juab County, Utah.

I was always interested in Genealogy work, I remember at one time, I was not asked to join the Genealogy class, and I was going to go to another Ward, so as to work at it, but the very night I was making my decision, the Bishop gave out that I was to be in Genealogy on the coming Monday night.

I had many faith promoting experiences.  My son and I were very sick, the doctor said he could do no more, so he quit coming, the Elders were coming also, they never missed a night coming to administer to us.  One night, I felt that I was healed, I wanted to get up, it was about three in the morning.  I could hardly lay there til day came, that morning I got up and dressed and never went back to bed, only at night.  I was healed, also my son, Vern, who had typhoid fever was healed at the same time, he nver had any effects of this fever after.  I know my life was spared to raise my children, as I didn't want to die and have them for someone else to raise.  I know it was God's will that I should live.  Another time my daughter, Eunice had hemerages after having her tonsils out, we sent for the Elders, she was dying, but as soon as they took their hands off her head, color began coming in her knee, she went through two operations, and the Dr. would not promise her that she could walk and would be alright.  We had the Elders administer to her, and kept her name in the Temple, and her knee is fine today.  I feel that it was faith that healed her.

I have been on excursions to the Logan Temple also the Manti, the St. George, and I have travelled quite a bit.  I have been to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Woodland, and Sacramento.  I have been a member, and worked in Genealogy work for thirty years, and have been doing Temple work for twenty-six years.  I love Genealogy work and think it is the most important work in the Church.

Leaders in this Church I have met are:  David O. McKay, President Young of the Temple, and President Burton.

One of the most important days of my life was when I had my children sealed to me in the Temple.  It was a wonderful day.

Her obituary:

                      Maggie E. Richardson

    Funeral services for Mrs. Maggie Evans Richardson, 70, who died Tuesday
will be conducted Friday noon at 260 E. South Temple.  Friends may call
Thursday, 6 to 8 p.m., and Friday prior.  Additional services Saturday, 2 p.m.,
Crabb Morturary, Spanish Fork.  Friends call there Friday, 7 to 9 p.m., Saturday
prior.  Survivors:  sons, daughters, Milton E., R. Vernon, Sacramento, Calif.,
Mrs. Kenneth L. Carter, Springville; Eunice Richardson, Mrs. Vernon K. Back,
Mrs. Richard Whipple, Salt Lake; two brothers, three sisters, 21 grandchildren. 
Burial, Spanish Fork Cemetery.
--Deseret News, 1 March 1956.

                   Maggie E. Richardson
                   Rites Scheduled Here

  Mrs. Maggie Evans Richardson, 70, former resident of Spanish Fork, died Tuesday
enroute to a hospital after suffering a heart attack.  She resided with her daughter,
Eunice Richardson at 414 Lewis Place, Salt Lake City.

  She was born Dec. 10, 1885 in Spanish Fork to Joseph J. and Margaret Davis Evans. 
She was married to Milton Richardson at Spanish Fork in 1910.  He died in 1927. 
She moved to Salt Lake City in 1946.  Prior to that time, she had lived at 2nd South
between 5th and 6th East in Spanish Fork.

  She has been an active member of the LDS church.  Since moving to Salt Lake
much of her time was spent doing temple and genealogy work.

  She is survived by the following sons and daughters:  Milton E., and R. Vernon,
both of Sacramento; Mrs. Kenneth (Margaret) L. Carter, Springville; Eunice, Mrs.
Vernon W. (Carol) Back and Mrs. Richard L. Whipple all of Salt Lake city; brothers
and sisters:  B. Davis Evans and Lowe Evans of Spanish Fork; Mrs. Orville
Cummings, Heber; Mrs. Earl McClellan, Payson; Mrs. Mildred E. Ream, Spanish
Fork also 21 grandchildren.

  Funeral services will be held in Salt Lake City Friday afternoon.  The body will be
viewed in Spanish Fork at the Crabb Mortuary Friday evening and Saturday prior to
services to be held at the Mortuary here beginning at 2 p.m.  Interment will be in
Spanish Fork cemetery.
--Spanish Fork Press, 1 March 1956.

                        Maggie E. Richardson
                           Funeral Held Here

  Funeral services for Maggie Evans Richardson were held Saturday, March 3 at
the Fourth ward church with Bishop Harold Swenson conducting.  Opening prayer
was by Walter Hallam and closing prayer by George Alexander.  Organ music was
by Ruth Swenson.

  Speakers were William D. Holt, B. Davis Evans, Byron Gesleson and remarks by
Bishop Swenson.  Musical numbers included a quartet, Richard M. Taylor, Arvil
Huff, Oakley Moore and Lynn Pendleton.  they sang "Oh My Father" and "The
Lord Is My Shepherd."  David Chorelisky of Salt Lake sang "God Be With You Till
We Meet Again," accompanied by Mrs. Ruth Swenson.

  Prayer at the Mortuary was given by her son Milton Richardson and the grave
was dedicated by her son Vernon Richardson.

                                                    CARD OF THANKS

  The family of Mrs. Maggie Richardson and the Joseph Evans family wish to
thank everyone who assisted in any way with the many expressions of sympathy
and floral tributes offered during the recent bereavement of their dear mother and
sister, Mrs. Maggie Richardson.

--Spanish Fork Press, 8 March 1956.

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