Mammoth Sep 21 1912
  Dear Wife--
  I have been waiting for
an answer to my letter for
some time but it has never
  Well kid I hope you are not
ill for that has been my worry
for some time.  I have got so
bad that I cant sleep but have
finaly reconsiled my self that
if there was any thing wrong
I would know about it.  There
being so many there some
would write.
  Well dont think me joking
for it is a fact.  The only time

I ever lost any sleep over my troubles.
  I have nearly worried the life out of
the postmaster but "No Letter" for
  Now if you need money or help let me
know and I will come in a minit
  If you phone call the Mammoth
boarding house.  Or Beanery it is a cross
and they will get me at once.
  I saw Jack last night he is looking
  It is nearly 12 oclock so I will close
Good Night
                     Juab Co
Excuse pencil but I am too nurvious
          to work with ink.

  Milt and Maggie were married in February 1912, but the need to earn a living required him to live and work in the mines at Mammoth.  His wife was living with her parents in Spanish Fork.  Two weeks after this letter was written their first child would be born, a son whom they named Milton Evans Richardson.  These were anxious moments for Milt, and this anxiety is spelled out plainly in every sentence. 
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