George Richardson in the Revolutionary War

George Richardson was born in 1758 in Bedford, Virginia and died in Kentucky in 1837.  In order to qualify for a pension, he had to provide details of his service in General Washington's Continental Army, which he does here:

Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of an act of Congress passed June 7th 1832-

State of Kentucky
County of Cumberland      to wit

On this ____ day of December 1832 personally appeared in open court now sitting George Richardson a resident of said county aged 75 years who being first duly sworn according to law on his oath doth make the following statement or declaration in the order to obtain the benefit of an act of congress passed June 7th 1832-

That he entered into the service of the United States under the following named officers served as hereinafter stated.

In 1774 I went a tour driving beef cattle for the use of the army in the Shawnee Expedition under Capt Taylor.  This tour lasted not less than two months.

In 1777 I enlisted a volunteer under Capt Watkins for 6 months in defense of Kentucky.  Was stationed at Boonsboro and was discharged 1778 by Capt Watkins after serving eleven months.

In 1778 I went a tour in McIntosh’s campaign as a driver of packhorses loaded with flour from Fincastle, Bottenvance County, VA. On toward Pittsburg commanded by Capt Mc Reynolds and was discharged by him after 41 days service.

In 1779 I went a militia tour for 3 months under Capt Adams and was discharged by him at the lead mines on the New ___ River in Va.  I was out 3 months.

The first of 1780 I went a tour driving a United States wagon for the use of a company of new recruits to Petersburg commanded by Capt Cummins. From there I went to Richmond and gave up the wagon and team to the wagon master as I was directed.  I was gone this time two months.

In 1780 went a militia tour under Capt Leftridge in the south states.  I was with the army under Genl H Gates – before his defeat at Camden.  I was gone this tour 3 months.

In 1780 I went for 8 months under Capt Tate and Capt Webber.  I was discharged by Capt Webb in 1781. I was in that tour through North and South Carolina wintered at Ches___  Springs on Big Red__.  I was gone 8 months.

In 1781 I was employed by Capt. Irvine in providing beef for the armory kept at New London, Bedford County, Virginia where I served 6 months for which I was allowed 2 tours for which I got a receipt – But lost it among all my papers by the destruction of my house by fire.

In 1782 I was engaged by the agent of the United States in gathering the scattered property belonging to US in Bedford and Campbell Counties Virginia such as cattle & horses.  I was engaged in this business no less than 2 months.

I was in no engagement during my revolutionary services.  I resided in Bedford County Virginia when I entered the service.  I was drafted when I served under Capt Leftridge and served as a draft 3 months.  I served as a substitute for Revolutionary War 8 months.  All the rest a willing volunteer.  I was born in Bedford County Va. in 1758.  I have no record of this age and never has.  I have lived since the war in Bedford & Campbell Co. Va. until about 34 years ago when I moved to Tennessee where I lived 4 years and then moved to Cumberland County Ky. where I now live.  I was known to Genl Green, Col. Washington, Genl See & Col White.  I received several discharges from the service but they were lost amidst the universal destruction of my property by fire.  Then on many persons in my neighborhood who on ____ and willing to testify as regards my ____city on services in the Revolutionary army among whom I will name John Emerson, Milo Ring, _____ _____.  --- I hereby relinquish every claim to any pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the pension rolls of the agency of any state.  I served all 3 years and 2 months and for this I claim a pension according to the act aforesaid.

Sworn to and subscribed

George Richardson


  We Noah Lansford a clergyman residing in the county of Cumberland State of Kentucky and Edward I Bullock residing in the same county & state hereby certify that we are well acquainted with George Richardson who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be 75 years of age.  That he reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resided to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinion.

  Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.

Noah Lunsford
    E. I. Bullock

  And the said court whereby declare their opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the interrogatories prescribed by the War Department that the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served as he states.  And the court further certifies that it appears to them that Noah Lunsford who has signed the preceding certificate is a clergy now residing in the county and that E I Bullock who signed the same is a resident of this county also and is a credible person and that their statements are omitted to belief.

Wm Spearman J P C C
  E Shugarth J P C C
          Charles R Palmose C C

Kentucky Cumberland County Set.

  I Milton King Clerk of the County Court for said County do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of the said County Court, in the matter of the application of George Richardson for pension.

In testimony where of I have here
___ to set my hand and the seal
of my office in Berksville, this
14th day of December A D 1832

M. King

--These documents were provided
by Kitty Bryan Matter
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