I dreamt that I dwelt in a Tintic mine,
  With rubies and pearls by my side,
And the granite boulders were bubbling ore,
  And my ledges were deep and wide.

I had thousands of wagoners hauling the gold,
  Pure slabs that were twenty feet thick,
And each man each day for his wage received,
  In guerdon, a golden brick.

I had thousands of bushels of precious gems,
  And millions of tons of gold,
And in sumptuous purple I sat each day,
  And dined and supped and rolled.

The kings of the earth came bending then,
  (For their kingdoms I bought and sold,)
And exclaimed, in whispers of fear and awe,
  That "the half they had not been told."

My railway lines ran around the earth,
  My ships were on every sea,
While three hundred millions of stalwart men,
  All labored and toiled for me.

Twelve fiery steeds drew a golden car,
  That glittered with precious gems,
And the carriage lamps were diamond globes,
  And were mounted on golden stems.

My orchard was loaded with golden fruit,
  And I supped upon golden wine,
And the whole of my glittering, golden wealth
  I drew from the Tintic mine.

Much more I dreamed in a similar strain,
  As I rolled on my golden bed;
But I woke at length from my dreamy spell,
  To find that my gold was lead.

--The Keepapitchinin, Vol. 2, No. 9, Jul 1 1870 p.34.

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