Zannastacia "Zannah" Richardson Goodpasture
by Roena Henne

  My great-great grandmother, Zannastacia "Zannah" Richardson, born 6 May 1824 in Burkesville, Cumberland Co., Kentucky, was the second wife of Abram Goodpasture (married 29 Jul 1857). Zannah was the daughter of Shaderach & Mary Elizabeth Garrett Richardson. She died 7 Apr 1897 near Concord, Morgan County, Illinois.

  Her grandfather George Richardson went to Kentucky with Daniel Boone in 1783. Daniel Boone gave George a gift which included a Kentucky rifle, a shot pouch and a powder horn which he had made. The items were then handed down to Zannah's father who carried it in the Battle of New Orleans during the war of 1812. The items were later handed down to Shadrach's son, Solomon Richardson, who took them across the plains when he settled first in Benjamin, Utah and later in Washington County, Oregon. Solomon carried his grandfather's rife and pouch with the powder horn into the gold fields of California. The relics still belong to the California branch of the Richardson family today.

  Zannah traveled to Concord by covered wagon. She was a dressmaker and nurse-- becoming the mother of five of Abram Goodpasture's children and helping to raise five older children from his first marriage. Zannah died 7 Apr 1897 and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Morgan County, Illinois.

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* Zannahstacia or Zannah as she was called back in Illinois, is the daughter of Shadrach and Mary Elizabeth Garrett and sister to the Shadrach and Polly Stewart that came to Utah.  She married Abram Goodpasture as his second wife, his first wife being an Elizabeth Smith.  The other website has pictures of other family members of Zannah's:  The Cracker's Bend school pictures includes Bertha Roena Kennedy, the grandaughter of Zannah's from her daughter Louisa Ann Goodpasture.   There is some history underneath the picture;  Abram Goodpasture is Zannah's husband with some history;  The Goodpasture home is where Abram and Zannah lived;  Louisa Ann Goodpasture is Zannah's daughter with some history;  Bertha Roena Kennedy is Zannah's grand daughter with some history;  James Oliver Kennedy is a picture of all of the family of Louis Ann Goodpasture Kennedy family, daughter of Zannah.
--Marilyn Monson