Robinson June 7. 1911
Miss Maggie
  Yours of the 3rd recd and was welcomed
as all your Letters are.
  Well kid it would indeed be a pleasure
to spend the evening with you for
I am longing for the time to come
when I will stay at home.
  I have a propisition offered me in
Idaho may leave here about July 1st
if I take it if I dont wont leave tll [crossed out]
till fall.  Then I'm going home.
  Was over in town last nigh they
had a big dance but I did not
feel in the humor to swing so
I came home about 10:30 and put in
a good nights sleep.
  There is no place like Spanish

when you are out for a good time.
Where the ladies are more familiar and
you are better accquainted.
  There is but one that makes enjoyable
times for me And when she is not
there my time is spoiled.
  But hope that by the time I have to
go home this fall I will be more like
my old self than usual.
  Have begun to realize how ones
treatment makes enemies of otheres.
  It would be my greatest joy to be
able to show you my real feelings to-
ward you for to me you are all
have met and associated with many
girls but none have appealed to my
knowledge as a true woman as

You have proven to be.
You are to me, an exception that is hard
to find.
  I often wonder why there is so
much difference in girls but it will
never be answered.
  Well it is growing late so will
ring off for tonight.
With love and best wishes
  I Am As Ever
  Milt        Ans. Soon

It's not likely a letter would be delivered today if it had such an incomplete address, or whether this was all the address that was needed at that time.  Note also that it has a two-cent stamp with a picture of George Washington.  The postmark is from the Robinson post office, dated the same day as Milt's letter.  To the right of the postmark is Utah's state symbol, the beehive.
After it arrived in Spanish Fork, the letter was postmarked again.  It's unclear whether the letter took one or two days to arrive at its destination.
This is the post office at Robinson, Utah.
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