World and the only one that looks
good to him.
  If you could only get her to see
that way.  But O those girls.
  You cant tell a thing about them.
  If they could but tell what they
were doing perhaps it would be
different.  Who knows?
  Last night I saw a Spanish
Fork girl it made me think of old
times.  Had it been one I know I
would have been feeling like a new
man.  But it could not be not for a while.
  Times will be different after wink
passes by.
  Say what do you think mother
told me to prepare myself for a
mission this comming fall.
  So I think if I go Milt will

Have to make himself over in the
shape I would like.
  Have not Heard from Home
since I came back so I dont know
How Sis is coming out.
  Well there is not much doing
now so will ring off.  Hoping to
hear from you soon or sooner.
       With Love & Best wishes
Same as Ever

Here is a view of Robinson in the foreground, and Mammoth in the background.  These mining camps were located southwest of Eureka in Juab County, Utah.
   It is unfortunate that this letter has no first page, since we would know where it was written and when; we've also lost a third of it's content.  From the context it's plain that Milt and Maggie have not yet married.  It is likely he wrote it from the boarding house at Robinson, probably early Spring, 1911.
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