twice a week now it would seem much
better than this.
  I guess you have seen Fay Manwill.
  before now he is helping his father
move to Spanish Fork.  Where the sports
  It is so lonesome here that it is
impossible to content myself altho I am
existing you cant call it living.
  I long for one Kid and the only one that
can fill the place that now seems vacant.
  If I could only impress it on you it
might be different.  But it seems as tho
You were indifferent to my attentions.
  You are the ideal woman to my notion
and I cant get it out of my head.
  There is but one for me and if I
cannot make an impression it is
not my fault.

It gives me great joy to think over the
pleasant evenings that have been spent
at your home.  But could have been
made better on my part.
  There is but little I could say but
when I come down I will attempt
to show you I'm not as bad as I
  Well Kid it is not with regrets for the
past actions I write but with hopes for the
I will ring off for to night it is getting
    late with hope for an Ans Soon.
I am as ever

Robinson and Mammoth are located here on a map.  North is to the left.
  The first page of this letter is missing, so we don't know where it was written from, or when.  It was written by Milt to Maggie probably early in the year 1911 from Robinson, where Milt was working  in the mines of Tintic.  By its context this appears to be the first of Milt's letters to his future wife.
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