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Eureka, Utah was a colorful mining town in the Tintic district.  Here's a poem.
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               Maggie Richardson in 1946.

  This is a brief diary my grandmother, Maggie Evans Richardson kept in the year 1946.  She was 60 years old at the time.  The original is in possession of her daughter, Carol Back.

  Maggie married Shadrach Milton Richardson in 1912 in Benjamin, Utah.  They lived in Spanish Fork and Eureka, where they had two sons and four daughters.  Her husband worked in the mines and died from silicosis in 1927, leaving behind his six children who ranged in age from 15 years old to 3 months.  Life insurance was only for the rich in those days; Social Security had not yet been invented.  Maggie lived in relative poverty the rest of her life.  Her children are listed below.

Milton Evans Richardson
                      (married Rose Christensen)
Richard Vernon Richardson
                     (married Madge Schulthess)
Margaret   (married Ken Carter)
Eunice Richardson
Carol            (married Vern Back)
Mildred  (married Dick Whipple)

  By 1946 Maggie's sons Milt and Vern had moved to California and married.  Her daughters were still living and working nearby in Utah.

  If you think about it, what was going on in Maggie's life at that time wasn't too different from what may be going on around you.  The people she mentions are her children, brothers and sisters and their families.  The interesting part is some of these people were no longer alive when you came along, and those whose names you may recognize were much younger in 1946.  More information about the family may be found in the illustrated autobiography of Maggie's daughter Eunice (who seldom mentions herself) by clicking here.

  The bottom part of one page was torn away; we can only speculate on what it said and why it was removed.  Maggie was very interested in genealogy, and the last few pages are notes probably taken in a church genealogy class.  There appears to be no mention of computers, so it's possible the methods one uses in searching for family history has changed too.